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Fire Hydrant Valves

Fire Hydrant Valves System is an effective and efficient means of extinguishing large fires, Hydrant system enables the fire fighter to attack the seat of the fire from a distance. Hydrant valves are outlets for delivering water with tremendous pressure so as to quench the fire. With discreet use of special branch pipe the water under pressure can also be used as a “sheet” to push the smoke for entering a building in flames.

Depending on the type of building i.e., residential, commercial or industrial, a particular type of the hydrant systems i.e., Down comer system, Wet riser system or the Wet Riser cum Down comer system, is installed. These systems are designed as per Part IV of National building code for high rise buildings and/or the standards laid down by the Tariff Advisory committee.

The pumping facility forms the heart of the fire Hydrant systems. Normally an electrical motor driven and a stand by Diesel engine driven pumps, are installed to ensure system functioning even during mains failure. The pump is basically used to lift the water from the reservoir and deliver the same under pressure to the hydrant points for fighting fires.

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